All conferences and events moving forward must prioritize hygiene, health, and safety.


It's why we wrote the Project Voice Series Protocols, created in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, which have since been copied by other events, and the subject of significant media attention, for enabling the return of conferences of modest size.

Please note that by registering for The Voice of Healthcare Summit, you agree to the following protocols which will elevate hygiene, health, and safety and make it more likely all attendees can participate in what will be an immensely valuable event without getting sick:

WAIVER. Everyone (attendees, sponsors, venue staff, conference staff) will sign a waiver stating that if you get sick, it is no one else's fault.

TESTING. Everyone will be tested for COVID-19 upon initial arrival (August 5), then tested for fever upon arrival on August 6, then will have optional COVID-19 testing at the end of the conference (after the very last speaker) for those who want it on the way out.

MASKS. Everyone will be required to wear a mask, and those without one will be provided one.

CAPACITY / DISTANCING. The capacity of The Voice of Healthcare Summit will be reduced to provide for appropriate physical distancing.

NO FOOD. No food will be served during the conference. The Voice of Healthcare Awards will be programmed into the first day of the conference, rather than that evening as usual.

NO SWAG. Exhibitors and sponsors will not be permitted to give out promotional items other than printed material.

COUGHING OR SIGNS OF SYMPTOMS. Should you start coughing uncontrollably or exhibit other symptoms, regardless of results of previous testing, you will be asked to go to the medical room until symptoms subside, when you'll be welcome to return to the conference.

IMMUNITY CERTIFICATIONS. We will monitor the existence of so-called "immunity certifications" and those who possess them may not have to comply with some or all of these protocols to attend The Voice of Healthcare Summit.

NO-LOSS REFUND POLICY. Under no circumstance, even if you arrive sick and have to leave, will you lose value from your conference registration - we'll simply credit you toward the following year's The Voice of Healthcare Summit (in full) or another event we produce, such as Project Voice - the #1 event for voice tech and conversational AI in America. If we cancel, you'll get a full refund. If you cancel ahead of time, we'll transfer your registration or credit you back for a future event. No matter what happens, you'll always retain 100% (or greater) in value from what you pay. That's our commitment to the communities we serve.